About Dr.Craig Kryger and Staff

Dr. Craig Kryger:

Originally a native of Long Island, New York, I attended S.U.N.Y at Albany for my undergraduate studies. After graduating with a bachelor degree in science, my education continued at the University College Dublin, Ireland, School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1997, I graduated and moved to Pennsylvania to begin practicing Veterinary Medicine. Since then, I have had the opportunity to practice in both privative and corporate settings, including a position of Chief of Staff. In 2013, I left the corporate industry and set out to develop Premier Mobile Veterinary Service, a modern approach to mobile veterinary medicine.

In my life, I enjoy the company of my fiancé Maryann, along with our rescued dogs Sammie, Brody, Winnie, JoJo, Buttercup, Izzy and Isis, along with Mr. T and Rags our 2 cats. We also own 3 rescued horses. A few years ago, Maryann started a sanctuary called C.A.R.E.S (Cody's Assistance for Rescued and Emergency Sanctuary.) Unwanted, homeless animals receive the medical or surgical care they need, are rehabilitated, and then eventually adopted out into their forever home.

My personal hobbies outside Veterinary Medicine include motor sports and outdoor activities. I enjoy participating in car and bike shows throughout the year where time allows.

Tammy/Veterinary Technician:

Tammy has been working with animals for many years. She has worked in the past as a veterinary assistant for a small animal practice. In addition, she has trained alongside a canine search and rescue group for about 2 years, re-uniting many dogs with their families. Her canine companion has since retired. She has had additional training in canine obedience. Her passion for animals over the years has led her to own and foster numerous dogs, cats and horses. She uses her training to help pets get adopted, and works with families even after the adoption process.

Aside from her love for animals, Tammy loves being a mother to her 14 year old daughter. With her new position as Veterinary technician, Tammy is a perfect addition to the practice, and will bring knowledge and compassionate care to our clientele.